EL-habib Umrah

سعر الفرد



14 days


visiting touristic places in mekkah and el madinah


under the supervision of elders with experience


Complete excursions with experienced religious supervision.
Accommodation in 4-star hotels close to the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque.
Our timings are set for circumambulation and prayers in the Grand Mosque.
 Convenient transportation to and from the airport
Our movements are from Burj Al Arab Airport in Alexandria or Cairo Airport
Saudi Airlines or Egypt Air
Programs include shrines in Mecca and Medina and transportation within the Kingdom using the latest buses.
All our programs begin in Mecca (Jeddah Airport) and end in Medina (return directly from Medina Airport).
Providing female supervisors to accompany female Umrah pilgrims in the event that there are a large number of women on the trip.
Finally and most importantly, credibility and serving our customers with all sincerity.
📆 Trip dates: October 8 - October 22 - November 12 - November 26
🏨 Accommodation: 4-star hotels
💰 Prices: starting from 27,500